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How TriDental Works

With the rising cost of health & dental insurance, many people find themselves unable to pay for needed treatment.  Even with dental insurance, many individuals experience changing premiums, delayed payments, hidden costs, and denied coverage for necessary treatment.

TriDental, Inc. is different.  It is not an insurance company, but a reduced fee plan. The TriDental plan is simple.

 Here is how it works:

1.       Sign up for coverage and pay a small membership fee.

2.      Get your TriDental membership card.

3.      Choose a provider and start saving instantly.

 With a formula as simple as TriDentalís and with savings up to 80% on dental procedures, you can have the smile youíve always wanted.




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No Waiting Period

You can go to a provider upon completion of the enrollment process.

No Limit on

You can visit the dentist and get whatever services you need as often as you like.

All Pre-existing Conditions are Covered

Specialist Fees 15% Off

Cosmetic Dentistry Included
15% Off regular fees

No Deductible
You know exactly how much you pay when you go to the dentist.

No Age Limit
Children over age 22 must start own plan.

No Claim Forms
nd No Insurance Companies to Deal With.